Throughout my career as a fitness professional I have taught a wide range of classes to all ages and abilities including the partially sighted and deaf and those with special educational needs. 

My interest in yoga began when I moved to Cornwall to work for the Eden Project in 2002. Over the years yoga has helped me find and create balance in my life and has been an important part of my recovery from mental illness.

At whatever age, yoga offers us an enlightening and creative way to keep fit and mobile and develop strength and flexibility. Dive deeper and the teachings of yoga, that go before and beyond our yoga mat, help us to reconnect with our emotional, energetic and spiritual dimensions while the breathing, concentration and meditation practices help us release tension, process emotion and cultivate a deeper sense of well being; in mind, body and spirit.

Yoga classes can be very effective for those of us who experience back or joint pain, arthritis or sciatica. And if we are recovering from illness or injury, yoga can help in the rehabilitation process; gradually restoring our body’s stamina, strength and flexibility – inside and out.

Regular yoga classes will help to develop resilience and strength; physically, mentally and emotionally and teachings of the Yoga Sutras invite us to cultivate a sense of awareness and detachment, qualities that can support us as we experience all of life’s challenges. Away from the yoga mat or studio, an understanding of the eight limbs of yoga invites us to expand the way we see things and how we navigate our life path.

All of the classes offer  joint care and preparation, salutation sequences, a variety of asana (postures), breathing exercises, restorative poses and time for quiet contemplation and meditation.

As well as my BWY accreditation and insurance, I have an up to date DBS and First Aid at Work certificate, RSA Exercise to Music Qualification and have trained to AQA’s Advanced Certificate Level in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Emma Mansfield, Founder/Instructor