Fox Hall, Callywith College, Old Callywith Road, Bodmin, PL31 2GT

Parking is free.

Props necessary for each class are provided but please bring your own mats.


Introduction to yoga and somatics:
A gentle class for beginners and those wanting to relieve pain and tension

Wednesday - 5.00pm to 5.55pm
Fox Hall, Callywith College, Bodmin

Somatic exercises help us to reawaken the mind's control of movement and feeling and improve overall flexibility.
The somatic sequences and exercises are simple and extremely effective and help to mobilise and relieve pain and muscular tension in the hips, back and neck. For most of the session you will be lying on your back, front or side, props and blankets are available for your comfort.

Please book because space is limited.

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Sequences, postures, pranayama and meditation

Wednesdays - 6pm to 7pm
Yoga for All

This class is a good place to start if you have been advised to join a yoga class as a way to recover and rehabilitate from injuries, operations or to reduce stress levels and relax. This class offers gentle yoga sequences and somatic exercises to help improve mobility and movement awareness. We focus on back and joint care so expect a combination of anti-rheumatic exercises, gentle stretches and core-strengthening balances and sequences. Our class closes with a restorative posture, pranayama and meditation time.

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Heart-pumping sequences, balances & stretches for stamina

Wednesdays - 7.15 to 8.15pm
Vinyasa Flow for Strength

£7.50 per class drop-in (please contact me to book a place)
£6.00 per block booking (block bookings have priority)

This energetic and invigorating class uses dynamic sequences, balances and inversions to strengthen the core and our upper and lower body. After a thorough warm up we travel through a range of challenging vinyasa/sequences and balances and we end our journey exploring seating and lying postures and stretches. This class tends to be more physically challenging and we regularly workshop more advanced poses, balances and inversions.

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