People choose to take yoga and/or somatics classes for a number of reasons: to build strength and flexibility; relieve tension, joint and muscle pain; improve posture and muscle tone or to overcome stress and anxiety. At a deeper level, the sessions also help us to develop confidence, self esteem, balance and peace of mind.

Yoga helps us to develop physical, mental and spiritual well being and originated in India over 3,000 years ago. The asanas (postures) we practise strengthen and support our muscles and joints and help to enrich the blood supply to our glands and organs improving their function. Breathing techniques massage our internal body as well as help to calm the mind, preparing it for meditation.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga has all the benefits of a traditional yoga class but the postures, stretches and joint care exercises are practised either sitting or standing. This class is great for those with mobility challenges and knee problems. A great introduction to the principles of yoga, chair yoga can help to relieve joint pain and improve posture and relaxation.


Developed by Thomas Hannah at the Nevato Institute in California, somatic exercises help to relieve pain and release deep muscular tension by re-educating the nervous system. Slow, conscious and gentle movements and pandiculations help to release involuntary muscle contractions, relieving joint and muscle pain. As we re-educate our muscles to fully release, they can regain their strength, our posture improves and our body moves in a more energy-efficient and pain-free manner.