Since joining Emma’s class on a Friday, I’ve had my lowest blood pressure reading in years
— A May

Emma is a lovely, welcoming teacher and really makes the yoga accessible to anyone. Having had a shoulder operation, and several cases of frozen shoulder, I have struggled with other exercise classes that require you to put weight through the joint. But the way that Emma has designed the restorative yoga class, with all the lovely cushions and props, makes it totally doable. Try it. Your body will definitely thank you for it!
— D Krage

When sickness forced me to give up yoga, I thought I would never practice again, But then, after having made a partial recovery, I stumbled upon Emma’s class. With great care she taught me how I could still practice yoga safely, and gave me the self confidence to bring yoga back into my life. I now look forward to her class.
— M Trust

I never thought I would be able to get into yoga – I just saw it as a class for people to get into strange and uncomfortable positions but the classes are not at all like this instead they are fun and relaxing. She’s always keen to teach us different relaxation techniques and positions every week and I find myself looking forward to each class. The two-hour Sunday classes are fantastic-I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed! Yoga is now my way of being able to let go of some of the stress that everyday life brings and this is all down to the way the classes are put together. It’s a shame we have to pack up and go home at the end
— T Underwood

Yoga is the golden time in my week. It is when I give myself time to be present and every moment of my precious 90 minutes nurtured by Emma’s amazing skills. I have spent 40 years in Education specialising in dance, movement and sport. I feel that I have all the credentials to state without hesitation that Emma is a wonderful teacher.She loves people and is interested in helping every single member of her class. We all feel safe and secure in her hands knowing that not only shall we be warmed up thoroughly but are guided to get tune with and accept what our bodies can and cannot do. She leads us to achieve positions and poses that are beyond our expectations. No two lessons are the same. Her knowledge, use of imagery, music and vocal skills aid the transformation of a fitness studio into a magical place where even the most inhibited and shy individuals feel at ease. We trust her implicitly with our hearts and bodies.Yoga involves learning many new skills e.g. breath work, meditation, specific balance poses and sequences of movements. Each person is working within the constraints of their own body. There is no competition. I have learnt how to be mindful, how to be present, how to be still in mind and body, how to know myself better. Bliss.
— J Poole

I started attending Emma’s yoga classes two years ago when it was advised by the doctors to assess my posture as being a musician, a drummer in fact, I was having lots of issues, pain and discomfort in both my back and my arms due to posture.At first I found the classes very difficult as the flexibility in my back and shoulders was very poor, however now I am sitting up straight and playing with no discomfort at all, I have not only found Emma’s classes beneficial to my posture but also they give me chance to relax and unwind as I have a very busy schedule and find it had to relax.Emma is a great teacher of yoga and spends time helping each person with individual needs rather than just running one class for all.
— Z Walker

Class starts with quietening the mind by drawing your attention to the subtleties of small movements. Then, maintaining that mental focus through larger movements, we loosen and warm the key areas of the body. Each asana, throughout the class, links seamlessly to the next, building in complexity and always drawing attention to the breath. Instruction is clear and easy to follow, with Emma giving individuals the attention they need to perform each posture safely and for maximum benefit. Her knowledge of human physiology, the way to enter and exit each posture safely and of each asana’s benefits and the subtle body are excellent. Through her light-hearted manner, she makes everyone feel completely at ease, regardless of their ability. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough!
— Mark Frost